Product Description
Denracle abutment is designed to fit the contour of a patient’s mouth. When cemented with a crown, the metal part of the abutment is not visible on the outside of a patient’s gum line resulting in a beautiful and confident smile.

  • Made from medical grade 5 Titanium
  • Unique design of different gingiva heights for esthetic reason
Compatibility Chart
Dentsply GS AstraTech OsseoSpeed 3.0,3.5/4.0,4.5/5.0
GX Frialit / Xive 3.0,3.4,3.8,4.5,5.5
Nobel Biocare GR Replace NP,RP,WP,6.0
GA Active / Conical 3.0,NP,RP,WP
GB     Branemark NP,RP,WP
Osstem GO TS 3.5,4.0
Straumann GN Bone Level NC,RC