Product Description

Made of Germany material, Denracle milling tools have been engineered specifically for use with dental materials such as zirconia, PMMA, Co-Cr, wax and titanium. Radius tolerance of up to /- .005 mm and a diameter tolerance of .01mm. Various coatings techniques ensure extremely long tool life for both metal and non-metal milling. Available in most machine types.

  • Germany material, Swiss top-end CNC grinding machines and coating technology from Balzers
  • Carbide and Diamond coated burs available
  • Longevity of 70-120 units (Carbide)
  • Longevity of 500-700 units (Diamond)
  • Superior product quality and performance with dental materials
  • Increasing compatible machine types annually
  • Applicable to the following machines : VHF, Wieland, ROLAND, Amann Girrbach, Imes-icore, Zirkonzahn, Sirona, ARUM, 3M-ESPE, Yenadent. If your machine is not listed, please contact us.